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Signposted Cymru

Supporting Schools

Signposted Cymru offers responsive, tailored support for people and communities to build brighter futures helping to acknowledge, stive and succeed.

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Tackling Mental Health In Schools

Signposted Cymru supports social,emotional learning, mental wellness, behavioral health, resilience and positive connections for students.  This creates a culture in schools, in which students feel safe and empower to report concerns.

  • Understand mental health needs within the school
  • End stigma
  • Education on signs and symptoms
  • Strong open-door policy
  • Create safe, positive school environment
  • Encourage good physical health


Aims To Support Schools

Signposted Cymru is an initial universal and immediate intervention and early prevention for individuals struggling, suffering and needing support with mental health and well-being issues.

Education On Mind & Body

Eduacate young people about mind / body connection and how physical health relates to mental health

Physical & Mental Health

Provide information on how best to look after our physical and mental health

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A young woman with her friends

Suicide Awareness

Raise awareness of suicide in young people, the prevelence nd how to spot this in friends and family

Supporting Friends

Give information on how best support a friend who you think could be feeling suicidal

Client Success Stories

Signposted Cymru acted as a soundboard to talk and share my thoughts and feelings.  Signposted Cymru was instrumental in my recovery, and without them I don’t know where I’d be today.

I lost all confidence.  Thankfully I came across Signposted Cymru.  Spending time talking I hae regained my confidence and has helped get me fitter.  They always there for me wheather for a cup of coffe or training session.