SignPost Cymru

Founder & CEO

Darren Thomas

Founder and CEO Darren Thomas is an Army veteran of 20 yrs, he deployed to NI, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  After leaving the forces Darren worked in Sierra Leone doing private security, then Germany for 2 years as a consultant to the US Army and finally Afghanistan with the Afghan Army as a consultant. 

Darren struggled himself with Mental health after leaving the Armed forces, and in early 2020 considered suicide. He went to charities that advocated for mental health, he was referred back to his GP and was offered medication rather than address the underlying cause which in Darren’s case was PTSD. Darren started a community-based boot camp that was free to attend during 2020 pandemic/lockdown. 

Those who attended have been or were suffering from mental health issues and gave focus and goals through testing times. Darren recorded his journey by posting vlogs on social media including the boot camp session. As a result, the community he built created a network of support for each other and that support grew throughout Wales and escalated quickly. 

From the support from friends and Dragon’s rugby Darren set up Signposted Cymru, a self-sustaining charity with a reputation for developing and delivering community based mental health and well-being services. Darren vowed that Signposted Cymru would never turn anyone away when looking for Mental Health support. 

Signposted Cymru has gone from strength to strength, with great Trustees on board and backing from local MPs and SM, we have moved into a facility with office a therapy room and sports hall to deliver our 5 pillars of Well-being.Darren has 4 children and resides in Aberdare.

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Darren Thomas